Wheelie Bin Cleaning.

by admin
Don't cause a stink in your neighbourhood.

Wheelie Bin Cleaning...

In 2019 during the covid pandemic there was a huge nationwide drop in demand for car washing and valeting, that's when we adapted our business to include a 1st class wheelie Bin Cleaning service. This service has quickly expanded by word of mouth, and following customer requests this service has now become an integral and permanent service that we offer.

Your bin will be pressure washed with a powerful lemon scented disinfectant leaving your wheelie 100% germ and bacteria free and smelling lemon fresh every time...and no mess left on the street either.


Normal domestic (2 wheel) Bin...£3 per clean (For a regular fortnightly clean).
Commercial Eurobin (4 Wheel up to 1100ltr)...£8 per clean (Minimum 2 cleans a month). For food outlets a weekly clean is highly recommended.

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