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Try the ever popular 'Squeeky-Kleen Shampoo & Jet' Exterior Wash...

Jet pressure wash to start, followed by sponge Shampoo Wash & Wax (Carnauba Wax), including boot & door jams, with a final pressure wash and Microfibre or Chamois hand dry finish.

Takes approximately 10/15 minutes

£7 (S-M) / £8 (L-4×4 ) / £10 (XL & vans)


Snow Foam Pre-Wash…£ *** (FREE FOR DECEMBER)***
Footwells and seats vacuumed…£2
Premium Tyre wall shine…£1 (All 4 Tyres).
Acid free Alloy wheel treatment…£5 (All 4 Wheels).
Plastic Trim Restoration Treatment…(From) £4 (depending on area size).
Boot vacuum…FREE



This Mercedes has had an 'All-In' Valet Superdeal costing just £30.00

‘ALL-IN’  VALET SUPERDEALS (Upholstery interior).

Exterior Wash& Wax, hand dried + premium tyre black & shine – Interior upholstery (seats, door panels & boot) and carpets vac, wash and shampoo, dash clean.

Small car…£25
Medium car…£27
Large (4×4)…£30


‘ALL-IN’  VALET SUPERDEALS (Leather interior).

Exterior Wash & Wax, hand dried + including premium tyre black & shine – Interior (seats, dash, door panels)
Leather clean & Leather Balm – carpets inc boot, vac, wash and shampoo.

Small car…£28
Medium car…£30
Large (4×4)…£33



We accept ‘All’ debit and credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, V PAY, American Express, Diners, Discover, Union Pay, Google Pay and Apple Pay. Including Chip & Pin and contactless payments.

So once you happy with your Squeeky-Kleen Wash and Valet, just pay using your preferred method straight away…simple.

Upholstery Valeting is Essential for Any Vehicle

No detailing session is complete without freshening up your car’s upholstery! There’s no feeling like sitting down in a freshly-valeted car, knowing it’s been cleaned from top to bottom. Our upholstery cleaner breaks down dirt and stale odours in your car’s carpet and seats and leaves behind a fresh fragrance that greets you whenever you open the car door.
It makes the perfect finishing touch to any valeting session and a great way to get rid of stains and odours in your car seats and carpets.

Get rid of Dirt and Odours

Car seats and carpets will absorb body odours, food crumbs, drink spills, and other stains, which means they can get stale quite quickly. People with young children and dogs especially will know what we’re talking about! Our professional interior upholstery cleaner breaks down foul odours at the source and can tackle tough stains, helping your car interior look like new once again.

Anti-Soiling Agent

Stop your car seats from getting re-soiled after cleaning – each treatment leaves a protective layer on your carpeting and seats that helps prevent future stains.


Interior Upholstery  & Carpet Clean…£15 (Takes up to 40 minutes. 

Interior DEEP Clean£25 Inc Carpets, Seats, Dashboard and door panels (Takes up to 80 minutes).


PLEASE NOTE: The washing of your cars upholstery and carpets will leave your seats and carpets damp if driven within an hour or so (however plastic seat covers will be supplied). Alternatively if you prefer you can choose to have a Dry Foam upholstery Shampoo which means the seats will be totally dry straight away. 



Leather requires a special set of products and skills to ensure these hard wearing, yet chemically sensitive surfaces, remain in perfect condition.

Our leather cleaner is a pH neutral formula that can safely be used on all interior leather and faux leather surfaces. 

Once the cleaning process is complete we then feed your leather with leather balm.


Our Leather Care Balm is a carefully blended pH neutral emulsion containing natural oils and surface proofing agents which nourish and moisturise vehicle leather.

Extremes of hot and cold weather along with air conditioning can take their toll on your leather interior. Although designed to be very hard wearing, certain leathers can dry out over time
and may crack so its important to keep your leather interior regularly nourished.


Leather Seat Interior Clean and Balm, Inc Carpets cleaned…£20 (Takes around 1 hour).

Full Leather Interior Clean and Balm, Inc Door Panels, Dashboard, central console and Carpets cleaned…£30 (Up to 2 Hours).

Leather seat rejuvenation & repair service.

If your Leather car seats are: Cracked  –  Faded  –  Scratched  –  Badly Scuffed – Serious Colour loss – Or you just think they’re past it…We have years of experience and training in bringing many Leather car seat and interior Leather items back to life.

Over the years we have achieved some outstanding results that have left our customers astounded when they see the transformation.  From vintage cars to modern classics we can get your seats looking amazing again.

So before you spend ££££s on buying new leather seats give us a call.

There are no prices we can put on our site because there are so many variables to take into account on this service and we’d have to view the items in question beforehand to get a colour match etc.

So if this is a service that may be of interest to you give us a call or send us an email and we’ll be more than happy to give you a free estimate.



We accept ‘All’ debit and credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, V PAY, American Express, Diners, Discover, Union Pay, Google Pay and Apple Pay. Including Chip & Pin and contactless payments.


So once you happy with your Squeeky-Kleen Wash and Valet, just pay using your preferred method straight away…simple.


Acid Free Alloy Wheel Treatment & ‘ Iron Fallout Contamination Remover’…

Our super powerful iron fallout remover. It dissolves all iron contamination. Safe on all wheels. There won’t be a spot of iron fallout left on your car once we’ve finished with it!


What is Iron contamination…

Gradually, brake discs and pads contaminate wheels (and paintwork) with tiny hot iron deposits causing them to look dull (Browning) and potentially causing damage over time. We can remove all iron contamination from your wheels, paintwork, and restore the shine they once had.


What does it do?

Our iron contamination remover that powers away dirt and discolouration from your alloys. With a unique, max-strength formula and colour changing indicator. Acid free and pH neutral so can be used on all kinds of alloys, won’t cause any harm to your alloy wheels, tyres or even the environment.


Extra-thick liquid that increases contact time with the discolouring particles and breaks them down. The colour changing indicator turns purple before your very eyes so you can see it working. 


Put that showroom shine back in your wheels!

This Wheel has had both our Acid free Alloy wheel Clean & our Premium Tyre Shine Treatment. (Works out at only £2.50 per wheel).



Revive Your Cars faded plastic Trim…

Even after an in-depth detailing session, your cars appearance can be let down if you don’t restore your cars plastic trim.

It can be difficult to get your car trim looking like new. Our Trim and Bumper Restorer is the perfect finishing touch to any wash, reviving your trim and giving it that deep, rich black look. Don’t let a drab trim drag your car down – let us sort it for you and we’ll get your trim looking like new again!


Our 3-in-1 Formula Revives, Shines, and Protects…

This formula doesn’t just revive your car trim, it forms a barrier that protects it against water and traffic film, keeping it looking better for longer.





Domestic Wheelie Bin (2 wheels)…£3.00 (Regular fortnightly wash & disinfect).

Commercial Wheelie Bin up to 1100ltr (4Wheels)…£8.00  (Regular Min 2 times per month, Wash & Disinfect).

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